International remittance service

Internationally transfer and receive money at a reasonable fee

(5,000 Cardmember Rated)
VPBank is a member of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) and establishes agency relationships with many major banks around the world. This helps VPBank's customers to globally transfer or receive money in a rapid manner at a reasonable fee.
  • International remittance service allows customers to make inward remittance or outward remittance to any foreign bank via SWIFT system

  • Customers, regardless of whether they hold an account at VPBank or not, can make inward remittance or outward remittance.

  • Safe, rapid and convenient

  • VND can be converted into other foreign currencies

  • Reasonable fee

  • 1. International outward remittance:
    For Vietnamese citizens:
    - Customers fill in Remittance application in form of VPBank
    - ID card
    - Documents providing proof of remittance purposes
    - Documents providing proof of personal relationship
    For foreign customers:
    - Effective passport/entry visa
    - Documents providing proof of legal salary and income of investors
    - Customs declaration at the time of entry in case amount to be remitted is more than 5000 USD
  • 2. International inward remittance:
    In case of inward remittance:
    - Remitter can choose his/her local bank
    - Receiver supplies remitter information required by the form.
    In case of money receipt:
    - Customers come to any transaction office of VPBank
    - Fill in Withdrawal slip supplied by the bank
Applicable to all customers who are Vietnamese citizens or foreigners legally residing in Vietnam and desire for domestic or international remittance

Fee schedule: Link Here

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