Domestic debit card

One card with hundreds of features

(5,004 Cardmember Rated)
Domestic debit card for household businesses is specifically designed for household businesses having loans
  • Household businesses applying for loans are granted a domestic debit card free of charge

  • View balance, transfer money, withdraw cash at ATMs of banks nationwide

  • Make transactions at 300 ATMs of VPBank free of charge

  • Card balance is always profitable

  • Safety is assured when the card covers your money

  • Account balance is profitable

  • This card is used conveniently when you spend at supermarkets, restaurants, shop online, book air tickets and hotel rooms

  • This card helps you experience a modern non-cash life

All household businesses desire for loans from VPBank
Customers having loans at VPBank will be granted this card free of charge and no extra document is required.
Schedule of current account service fees of VPBank:
When you open the card, you need to note which VPBank branch you want to receive the card. Within 7-10 days after a loan at CommCredit is disbursed, you can go to the noted transaction location to receive your card. Please bring your ID card when you go.
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