SME product

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Authorized installment collection at customer's location

VPBank provides this service to corporate customers with demands for collecting money from remitters via VPBank's wide transaction network.

SME - Nội dung

  • To ensure the accuracy and safety of receivables
  • To reduce time and personnel costs in collecting money from various locations
  • To manage the receivables in the period accurately and transparently thanks to the authorized collection records signed by VPbank and focal officers
  • To reduce the risk of counterfeit money, unusable money thanks to  VP Bank's professional staff
  • To save transaction costs
  • Target customers: Enterprises/Organization with high demands for cash collection from various locations to deposit into their accounts at VPBank
    • Customers are required to sign contract for Authorized collection service before using
    • Customers can sign contract for Authorized collection service at any branches or transaction offices where they open accounts and make transactions.
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