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Syndicated loan

A reliable capital solution for enterprises

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Syndicated loan is a product specifically designed for enterprises with desire for business loan beyond loan limit of VPBank
  • VPBank partners with one or more credit institutions to jointly extend loans to a customer, in which, VPBank or another credit institution acts as the arranger

  • Applicable currencies: VND or foreign currencies

  • Fees and interest rates: Under the agreement among co-financers

  • Lending method: Based on investment projects

  • Loan term: Medium and long term

  • Loan repayment plan: Interest and principal are periodically repaid under the agreement between co-financers and customers.

  • Collaterals: Real estate, movable property, assets resulting from the loan or other assets
    Principles of syndicated loans :

  • - The co-financiers will select a bank as the lead bank.

    - The co-financiers will jointly appraise the project.

    - The co-financiers will reach an agreement on the loan limit and conditions through the lead bank


  • The syndicated loans provided by several banks are much larger than loans provided by a single bank

  • The arranger will underwrite the loan and make arrangements among other co-financing banks for drawdown

  • Procedures for syndicated loans are simple, convenient and efficient

All enterprises desire for loan and legally do business in Vietnam
Loan application
Documents on loan plan and projects funded by the loan
Financial documents: Financial statements of the last two years
Documents on collaterals
Other documents as provided for by VPBank and other co-financers
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