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Import L/C issue

A support solution for enterprises

(5,000 Cardmember Rated)


VPBank import L/C issue helps enterprises improve their prestige, standing and ensures their competitiveness thanks to fast L/C issue and various issue methods and acceptance from most banks in the world
  • VPBank issues L/C at request of customers (importers).

  • L/C can be issued without security deposit or with security deposit at a certain rate depending on each customer and under specific agreements between VPBank and customers.

  • L/C is issued by VPBank in the fastest manner.

  • L/C issued by VPBank is accepted by most banks in the world, helps to improve standing and ensure competitiveness of customers.

  • Customers are granted credit by exemption and reduction of security deposit for L/C issue.

Corporate customers desire for import L/C issue service
Please contact the nearest branch of VPBank or hotline 1900545415 for more detailed information
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