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Import bills collection

A support solution for enterprises

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Using import bills collection, importers authorize a bank to receive, check, notify bills sent by a bank of exporters and make payment at request of importers.
  • VPBank receives, checks, notifies bills sent from a foreign bank with attached conditions and implement payment orders as instructed by the foreign bank. After goods have been sent, suppliers will present necessary vouchers with collection instruction to their bank and these bills will be sent to VPBank for payment.

  • There are two methods:

    + Documents against payment (D/P): Customers need to fully pay value to get import bills.
    + Documents against acceptance (D/A): Customers commit to paying to get bills. Suppliers will get paid as soon as customers' account is debited
  • This product helps enterprises meet requirement for instant payment to sellers, improve competitiveness and flexibility in settlement method

  • Improve enterprises' prestige.

  • Improve enterprises' standing in commercial negotiation when terms on instant payment are met

  • Enterprises can extend their credit term even in Letter of credit and Bills collection.

Corporate customers desire for import bills collection service (D/A, D/P)
  • Loan use plan.

  • Legal documents of enterprises.

  • Collateral documents.

  • Other related documents as provided for by VPBank.

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