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Full-service project finance

All-inclusive financial support to enterprises

(5,000 Cardmember Rated)


Full-service project finance is an all-inclusive financial support service, including guarantee issue, credit extension and payment in order at request of enterprises during project implementation.
  • VPBank full-service project finance includes guarantee (tender guarantee, performance guarantee, advance payment guarantee, warranty guarantee, etc.), loans, international/domestic payment to corporate customers in conformity with their demand during implementation of business projects/plans

  • Applicable currencies: VND or USD.

  • Interest rate and fees: Under VPBank's regulations from time to time.

  • Customers are confident to implement projects because VPBank commits to providing guarantee, lending, making international and domestic payment throughout project implementation period after customers win bids or sign contracts;

  • Using full-service project finance service, customers are entitled to incentives regarding guarantee margin rate and maximum loan amount

  • Competitive and affordable interest rate policies

  • Customers frequently participate in bidding and project implementation

  • Customers use payment account at VPBank as the fixed account in the course of contract implementation

  • Output partners are prestigious and have stable capital resources  for output contract payment

  • Collaterals are common collaterals or debt claims resulting from output contracts

Loan application
Documents on loan plan and projects funded by the loan
Financial documents: Financial statements of the last two years
Documents on collaterals
Legal documents of enterprises (in case such enterprises cooperate with VPBank for the first time)
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