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Shipping guarantee

Easy goods receipt

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  • Shipping guarantee is a service rapidly meeting requirements on guarantee and reliability and prestige improvement of enterprises
    • Shipping guarantee enables customers to receive goods before receiving shipping documents and for any other reasons such as replacement of lost seaway bills.

    • Shipping guarantee is often issued with a Letter of credit

    • Shipping guarantee is the guarantee from the bank (after signing guarantee with the buyer/importer) to transport or export company to deliver goods without seaway bills.

    • Allow enterprises to own goods without shipping documents

    • Avoid unnecessary delay that can make enterprises miss  business opportunities

    • Save costs of warehousing

    • Applicable to all domestic and foreign enterprises

    Form of guarantee commitment

    Guarantee commitment issued by VPBank is printed in a special format prescribed by VPBank. Format of Guarantee commitment is designed with three security factors against fake guarantee, including:
    VPBank logo is invisibly printed;
    Serial number is pre-printed on each format of guarantee commitment;
    Transaction reference number is unique to each issued guarantee commitment.

    Authority to sign guarantee documents:

    Guarantee documents of VPBank are simulatenously signed by three competent persons, including:
    Legal representative of VPBank;
    Guarantee risk manager of VPBank;
    Guarantee appraiser of VPBank.

    Confirmation of Guarantee commitment validity:

    When a Guarantee commitment issued by VPBank is received, please carefully check identifiers above to ensure validity and legality of Guarantee commitment.
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