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Tender guuarantee

Improvement of reputation for tender

(5,001 Cardmember Rated)


Tender guarantee is a product of VPBank aiming to help customers meet requirements on guarantee of the third party and improve their prestige, reliability when using VPBank guarantee service
Tender guarantee is the bank's guarantee of compensation within amount of money specified in the letter of guarantee if guarantee applicants refuse to sign a contract that has been awarded, withdraw bid security before prescribed date or there is no proof that such guarantee applicants will work for the contractor after contract signing
  • Make customers eligible to participate in a procurement transaction that the bids must be compulsorily guaranteed by a bank

  • Help to improve customers' reliability  with their partners by guarantee from a reputable bank

  • Simple, fast procedures on guarantee issue and appropriate, flexible requirements on security deposit and collaterals

Applicable to all domestic and foreign enterprises
Form of guarantee commitment

Guarantee commitment issued by VPBank is printed in a special format prescribed by VPBank. Format of Guarantee commitment is designed with three security factors against fake guarantee, including:
VPBank logo is invisibly printed;
Serial number is pre-printed on each format of guarantee commitment;
Transaction reference number is unique to each issued guarantee commitment.

Authority to sign guarantee documents:

Guarantee documents of VPBank are simulatenously signed by three competent persons, including:
Legal representative of VPBank;
Guarantee risk manager of VPBank;
Guarantee appraiser of VPBank.

Confirmation of Guarantee commitment validity:

When a Guarantee commitment issued by VPBank is received, please carefully check identifiers above to ensure validity and legality of Guarantee commitment.
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