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Bizpay - a pioneering payment solution

A smart payment solution for enterprises

(5,001 Cardmember Rated)


Bizpay is a pioneering payment solution of VPBank for enterprises in a business chain, helping them to rapidly resolve the question that seller want to receive money immediately whereas purchasers desire for late payment.
  • For purchasers:
    - Increase late payment period up to 45 - 55 days
    -Entitled to interest-free period from cards
    - Save operating costs
    -Get reasonable price from sellers thanks to immediate payment
  • For sellers:
    - Reduce period of receivables
    - Utilize fund for other business opportunities
  • Automate reconciliation-based payment

  • Bizpay payment solution helps to improve corporate governance efficiency thanks to reducing operation costs in human resource, supplementary capital and other costs during cash management.

  • High accuracy and easy integration in management systems

  • Enterprises can participate in large ecosystems of enterprise communities and get more potential suppliers and partners

  • Users in payment ecosystem are not required to use cash and do not face risks from cash

  • Experience fast, simple and convenient payment on various technological applications

  • Promote non-cash payment for social communities and create a civilized business environment

  • This product is suitable for enterprises in supply chains of wholesale or retail; transport - travel; insurance; health care; communications - marketing, etc.

  • Please contact the nearest branches of VPBank or hotline 1900545415 for more detailed information or register at website: for advice and support

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