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Export bills negotiation

A convenient tool for enterprises

(5,001 Cardmember Rated)


Export bills negotiation is negotiation with recourse for export bills of customers presented to VPBank
  • Receive advance payment for a batch of goods right after presenting export bills attached to bills of exchange at VPBank

  • High negotiation rate and long negotiation period

  • Competitive fees and interest rate

  • Fast and convenient procedures with experienced consultants of VPBank

  • Strengthen financial capacity by increasing cash flow, reducing risks arising from receivables

  • Take advantage of business opportunities by benefits from fast and flexible cash and goods exchange

  • Export enterprises desire to negotiate bills of exchange attached to export bills at VPBank.

  • Conditions for export bills and bills of exchange: Under regulations of VPBank

  • Legal documents

  • Financial documents and Application for negotiation includes: Application for negotiable loan, original L/C, collection; Original of export bills, Original of customs declarations; Foreign trade contracts.