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Auto loan for business

The best solution for businesses

(5,001 Cardmember Rated)


Auto loan is a product of VPBank that funds car purchase for various purposes (travelling, business) at low interest rate and high rate of loan amount to value of mortgaged assets
  • Maximally fund car purchase by enterprises

  • Competitive rate of loan amount to collateral value is up to 90%;

  • Interest is repaid on a monthly basis

  • Principal is repaid on a monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Simple documents;

  • Fast approval

  • Competitive interest rate

  • Customers are microenterprises with desire for bank loans
    • Loan application;

    • Business plan;

    • Financial documents: Internal financial statements

    • Collateral documents;

    • Legal documents of enterprises (in case such enterprises cooperate with VPBank for the first time);

    • Other documents at request of VPBank;