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Mass payment (salary payment)

Make mass payment with ease

(5,000 Cardmember Rated)


Mass payment (salary payment) is a service supplied by VPBank that pays for a large number of transactions on a monthly and quarterly basis such as payment of salary, sum insured, fees, commission, etc.
  • Enterprises open accounts at VPBank and sign salary payment or mass payment contract with VPBank.

  • Enterprises prepare payment orders attached to a list of beneficiaries (hard copy and excel file) when due

  • Save time, costs and human resources for enterprises;

  • Secure transactions and salary information of each officer;

  • A smart payment solution and value-added service for customers;

  • Fast payment

  • Issue ATM cards to employees for free

  • Free intra-bank and inter-bank money transfer

  • Free messages on account balance

  • Use VPBank Online service for free

  • Use credit cards free of charge in the first year

  • Automatically open Easy Savings account

  • Approve overdraft limit up to VND 300 million

  • Provide unsecured loan at interest rate of 4%

Enterprises and organizations hold deposit accounts and make transactions with VPBank and desire to make a large number of transactions on a monthly and quarterly basis, etc.
Please contact the nearest branch of VPBank or hotline 1900545415 for more detailed information