Regular savings

Utilize your idle money to make profit and get end-term interest

(5,000 Cardmember Rated)

VPBank regular savings is specifically designed for customers not having demands to use cash regularly and wish the best return on their deposit.

  • Ordinary savings term: From 1 week to 36 months
  • Applicable currencies: VND, USD, EUR, AUD
  • Interest payment method: Principal and interest are wholly repaid when due
  • Early withdrawal: Customers are allowed to withdraw the whole deposit amount prematurely and bear non-term interest rate
  • Maturity:

    + Option 1: Interest is included in principal and the savings account is automatically extended by a new term equivalent to the original term

    + Option 2: Only principal is renewed and interest is managed by VPBank until it is settled or transferred to current accounts of customers.

  • High interest rate
  • Various term
  • Use savings books to pledge, discount, mortgage in need of loans
  • Deposit and withdraw money at any transaction office of VPBank nationwide
  • Receive messages notifying any transaction of deposit/withdrawal
  • Enjoy many great gifts and sales promotions

Applicable to Vietnamese citizens or foreigners legally residing in Vietnam

ID card or Citizenship card or effective Passport.

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