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VPBank Visa Platinum Travel Miles Credit Card

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Let's start your discovery journeys with over 300 airlines and 300,000 hotels all over the world and unlimited offers by  VPBank Visa Platinum Travel Miles Credit Card
  • Unmatched flight mile accumulation from all daily spendings:
    - Double Travel Miles for spending at duty-free stores, supermarkets and foreign POSs and spending on tourism and dining
    - Get Travel Miles multiplying by 1.5 if transactions made during the period of account statement totals VND90 million or more.
    * Details of travel miles conversion mechanism of VPBank Visa Platinum Travel Miles Credit Card:
Total spending in a month
Travel Miles accumulation
Spending at foreign POSs, duty-free stores, super markets, travel spending, dining spending Other spending
Less than VND 90 milion 1,000 VND = 12 Travel miles 1,000 VND = 6 Travel miles
VND 90 milion or more 1,000 VND = 18 Travel miles 1,000 VND = 9 Travel miles


  • Convenient point redemption
    Various options of Travel Miles redemption at over 600 airlines and 600,000 hotels all over the world at website

  • Annual fee exemption:
    Primary card and supplementary card are exempted from annual fee in the first year.
    Primary card's annual fee will be exempted if transactions made via primary card and supplementary card total VND 90 million or more in current year.

  • Privilege
    Dragon Pass lounge service can be used free of charge once a quarter

  • Installment offer:
    - Installment at interest rate of 0% at over 150 partners nationwide: Dien May Xanh, Nguyen Kim, Dien May Cho Lon, The Gioi Di Dong, etc
    - Installment at interest rate of 2% for all spending transactions amounted to VND3 million or more

  • Offers provided by partners of VPBank:
    *Up to 30% off items at over 5,000 stores and dining, tourism, shopping centers, etc in partnership with VPBank such as:
    - Cuisine: Trung Nguyen, Phuc Long, Toocha, Hoang Yen, Pizza Company, Momo Paradise, Sushi Kasen, etc
    - Shopping: Lazada, Tiki, Menard, The Face Shop, Vascara, Adler, Adayroi,, etc
    - Tourism: Agoda, Vietnam Airlines, Traveloka, Klook, etc
    Partners can be changed from time to time. For more details

  • Other offers from VPBank and Visa:
    - Up to 45 interest-free days
    - Accepted by 29 million points of sale in over 150 countries.
    - Credit limit of up to VND 500 million
    - Easy cash withdrawal from over 4,000 ATMs in Vietnam and 1 million ATMs with MasterCard logo in the world
    - Transaction history viewing, effective spending management via I2B online banking services.
    - Higher level of security with EMV chip card technology
    - Instant SMS messages for transactions and 24/24 customer care

- Individuals of 18 years old or older
- Earning income of VND 12 million or more/month
Only one document is required for each category
- Personal identifier: ID card/Passport/Soldier card
- Residence proof: Household registration book/Driver's license
- Current residence proof: Long-term temporary residence registration book/Notification/Service bill/Credit card statement/Salary statement
- Work proof: Labor contract/Salary increase decision/Appointment decision/Business registration certificate
- Financial proof: Salary account statement/Salary slip/Payroll/Salary confirmation (Applicable to customers working in State agencies)
- Insurance policy and invoice/receipt.
- Image of cards and credit card statements of other banks (Applicable to customers holding less than three credit cards of other banks)
- Car ownership documents
<a href="">- For more information about interest rate and fees</a>

Phí thường niên thẻ chính : 899.000 VNĐ
Phí thường niên thẻ phụ : Miễn phí thường niên năm đầu tiên cho thẻ phụ. Các năm tiếp theo phí là 250.000 VNĐ
Phí trên chưa bao gồm VAT

Ngày chốt sao kê thẻ tín dụng VPBank Travel Miles là vào ngày 27 hàng tháng

Lãi suất thẻ tín dụng VPBank Travel Miles là 2,79%/tháng

Cơ chế tích lũy điểm travel miles như sau :
- Mức chi tiêu từ 0 đến 90 triệu : 1000đ = 18 travel miles cho các giao dịch chi tiêu tại POS nước ngoài, chi tiêu du lịch, cửa hàng miễn thuế, ăn uống và siêu thị. Chi tiêu lĩnh vực khác 1000đ = 9 travel miles
- Mức chi tiêu từ 90 triệu trở lên: 1000đ = 27 travel miles cho các giao dịch chi tiêu tại POS nước ngoài, chi tiêu du lịch, cửa hàng miễn thuế, ăn uống và siêu thị. Chi tiêu lĩnh vực khác 1000đ = 13.5 travel miles
Trong đó danh mục chi tiêu du lịch bao gồm : Airlines, Hotels and Motels, Travel Agencies and Tour Operator
Lưu ý :
- Giao dịch được tích lũy travel miles có bao gồm giao dịch trả góp, không bao gồm giao dịch rút tiền mặt, phí/lãi
- Không áp dụng các giao dịch thanh toán mua xăng dầu, hóa đơn điện nước, dầu sưởi, dịch vụ hệ thống công nghệ thông tin và dịch vụ viễn thông ( thanh toán internet, tiền điện thoại, truyền hình cáp...)

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