The secret to own a dream house before 30

For young people, the dream of having a home to settle down seems to be something far and vague. So how to own a dream home before the age of 30?

There is a fact that the income of young people can not meet the price of houses in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, worries and dreams about stability are becoming major concerns of them. Here are some tips to help you make your homeownership dream come true:

1. Work hard

The advice for those who are still lazy is to work hard and harder to achieve significant achievements. You can not own a house just by words and imagination, turn them into action and you will not regret the right decisions.

2. Learn to save

The truth is that learning how to save is harder than learning how to make money. Practicing a minimalist life will help you spend a decent amount of money to buy a home. Besides, plan your spending wisely, cut down on unnecessary expenses to become a smart consumer.

3. Consider the costs

First, you need to make a financial plan by clearly determining what kind of house, apartment or townhouse you want. If you want to buy an apartment, you need to have an amount equal to 30% of the value of the house to pay the first installment. Besides, you need to calculate the costs incurred when buying a house such as taxes, the cost of services, utilities, the cost of renovating the apartment ... From there, you will have timely solution.

4. Find information about home loans

Currently, all banks have extremely preferential policies for home loans. For example, with VPBank's home loan package, with just an income of VND 4.5 million / month, customers will have the opportunity to receive a maximum of 100% (VND 15 billion) to buy a new home. Simple, quick procedure will help you closer to your dream of owning a home like never before!

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