3 benefits you should know about credit cards

You want to eat and drink, go shopping and traveling but your wallet is running out of money. Do not worry! Because VPBank's credit cards are always with you wherever you are.

Let's explore the 3 benefits that credit card brings to you: 

Help preventions in emergency cases: 

Even if you don't have money in your wallet, you can still buy the things you like. Credit cards will also give you the opportunity to hunt for bargain sale immediately. The convenience is that it allows you to "pay beforehand" in some emergency cases, credit card is really a good salvation.

Good choice for online shopping

Now you can freely shop online and pay with just a few simple steps with a credit card. This will help you save time and effort. More specifically, when you like an item abroad, you can still buy and pay immediately without having to buy help from relatives or wait for goods to buy.

Thousands of incentives and promotions 

You will often enjoy promotions, discount codes or gifts when spending via credit card. This will help you save money that if paid in cash you will not receive. In addition, after the cardholders' transactions, they will also receive accumulated points to redeem gifts.

For example, with VPBank's credit card, cardholders will have the opportunity to buy installments with 0% interest rate at more than 150 partners across the country such as Dien May Xanh, Mobile World, Nguyen Kim, Dien Lon Electronics ... In addition, cardholders also receive discounts at 5,000 stores that are VPBank's partners in areas such as dining, shopping, travel ...

And yet, some VPBank's cards also offer a monthly rebate offer. And especially, with a diverse gift store, cardholders will be able to exchange unique gifts from loyalty points after each online transaction.

With these great benefits, do you want to own a smart and convenient credit card yet?

Currently, VPBank has launched many different types of credit cards, tailored to the needs of each customer.

Discover VPBank's credit cards here.

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